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The sweet essence of OOrganicRGANIC cooked grape juice
Bottle volume:
  • 200 ml bottle in box with a small recipes book
  • 500 ml upon request
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Saba is an ancient product, together with honey it has been for long centuries the sugar of our ancestors.
The Saba “La Cà dal Nôn” is born from our ancient family tradition of cooking grape juice to make cooked must for our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and for saba.
To produce saba, we select the grapes with the highest sugar degree from our vineyard, we press the grape and we cook the juice for long hours directly on fire in an open pot, till it reaches a reduction of more than half of its initial volume.

Organic Certification

Starting from harvest 2014 SABA “La Cà dal Nôn” is certified organic


  • Organic Cooked grape must.

Product Characteristics

  • Amber-coloured liquid; viscous consistency; sweet with a pleasant acidity and a striking fruity flavours.


  • In the kitchen, you can use it in many ways: to top ice-cream, with ricotta cheese, on ice rocks for a fresh summer drink or for tasty, sweet and sour dishes.

Shipment informations

  • Number: 6
  • Product code: SABA_200
  • Bottle size: 200 ml
  • Size (single unit) (l/w/h) cm: 6,6 / 6,7 / 17,8 cm
  • Weight (single unit) Kg:: 0,588
  • n° bottles per carton: 12
  • Size for the cartoon (l/w/h): 29 / 21,5 / 19,5 cm
  • Weight of carton: 7,330
  • Shelf life (from bottling): 5 years
  • Carton in one layer (pallet 1200x800): 14
  • Layer in one pallet (pallet 1200x800): 6
  • Carton in one pallet (pallet 1200x800): 84

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