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What you can see during the tour

  • Welcome


    Mariangela, Giovanna, Vittorio and Michele welcome the guests in the fascinating inner courtyard. In spring and summer you'll start the tour under the big arcade or in the shadow of the old-age vineyard, in autumn and winter you'll start from the big room over the arcade... all around the unique perfume of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.

  • Visit the Vinegary

    Visit the vinegary

    During the visit you'll make a tour of the acetaia walking in the perfume of the ancient lofts,among the great-grand father barrels and the old cooper tools. We'll guide you through the discovery of our Traditional Vinegar: from the grapes,the cooking of the must,the aging and the final Protected Certification of Origin.

  • Visit the Vineyards

    Visit the vineyards

    If you want you can ask to visit the vineyards, on the hills of Savignano sul Panaro, 10 minutes from Vignola. In good weather you can enjoy a wonderful view of the castle of Vignola and the Monte Cimone The vineyard is a few minutes walk from the old medieval village of Savignano.

  • Tasting


    And finally the tasting: a guided tasting of our Traditional vinegars, a younger aged at least 12 years and the so called extra aged, a 25 years older and more! And also SABA the food-condiment BALSAMO-SABA and some fruits compositions sweetened only with saba!

  • Shopping


    At the end of the tour you can bring back home with you our perfumes, our flavours, a piece of our family history: you'll have the possibility to choose among our vinegars, the saba, the food condiment Balsamo-Saba and our fruits compotes.

How is the tour organized?

A pleasant hour to discover our house, traditions and products.

At their arrival guests are welcomed in the courtyard and seated under the big arcade beside our two old-age vineyards in warm weather, or in the big hall over the arcade in the cold season. The guided tour starts with an introduction to the amazing and fascinating story of traditional balsamic vinegar, its production technique, some curiosities, etc...
This first part is followed by a walk thought the attics to look at the old series of barrels of the great grand father and the newer one, and at the cooking room. The visit to the attics is very suggestive for their atmosphere and their unique perfume. The guests can also see an entire collections of cooper tools.
The tasting session of our traditional balsamic vinegars ends the visit. It's always possible for the guests to buy the products.
The tour can be booked in: Italian, English, French... we understand German. The tour lasts 1,5 hours.



You will visit our house, the vinegary, the historical vineyard, the park.


You can taste our products. A tour between sweet and acidity
gift ideas


Buy our products where they are made. A special gift with secolar history

Reserve your tour

For single visitors or groups.

The Acetaia of La Cà dal Non is always open for guided tours and tastings sessions of its vinegars. RESERVATION REQUIRED.
On demand we can organize balsamico themed evening by restaurant, gourmet shop, etc...
To book a tour, to organize a tasting session or a themed evening, to buy the products, you can contact us filling this form:


We guest groups or private visitors.

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The best recipes from our family.



Works of art made only with grapes.