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A beautiful and charming lady

Mariangela and Charlot
Mariangela and Charlot

Some years ago, I was guiding a French group for a tour in the "acetaia", I was telling them the fascinating story of traditional balsamic vinegar: a product unique in the world, born from cooked grape juice, it mellows for long years in series of wooden barrels through a peculiar aging technique. The final product is sweet and sour in perfect balance, with a rich consistency and persistent flavor.
"Et voilà" remarked one of the guests "it's like a beautiful and charming lady: elegant, refined, wearing a fine hat, sweet but with a character that gives "taste" to your relationship".
Since then, I've always been imagining my products, as beautiful ladies: from SABA, a lovely sweet girl, to BalsamoSaba® 18, the refined and intriguing lady with hat, and in between all the grades of sweetness and acidity of BalsamoSaba® 3, 6 and 12.
These recipes result from the meeting with a charming lady wearing a hat: the toque blanche of Charlotte Tveen Hansen of the restaurant - farm I Due Papaveri in Benedello.
And for a while, I've put the cook white hat on, too... what a fun!


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Zucchini risotto

Zucchini risotto

A risotto with a delicate taste where the zucchini taste is enhanced by the traditional balsamic vinegar ...


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